1. Devoted INTERCESSORS - Praying in the Harvest
2. Trained EVANGELISTS - Gathering the Harvest
3. Caring SHEPHERDS - Discipling the Harvest

The above leaders must have (A) impeccable Biblical People Skills and (B) excellent Management by Measurement training.
(C) The above ministries need to function within an interrelated Motivational Structure to maximize member involvement.
Noah built the ark - but God filled it.  Noah's ark is a 'type of our salvation'.  The physical ark represents structure.
Churches with good structure, offering position & training for leaders of 1,000's, 100's, 50's & 10's will flourish.
Jesus said, 'I will build My church' when structured after My pattern of prayer, evangelism & shepherding.
Every church has potential for great leaders - after 24 years of diligent research and application, we
found the "Laymans" method to be the most effective means to discover, train & activate them.
The harvest fields are ready, but do we have the best structure and training for ingathering?

In Conversational & Classical Greek the word "EQUIPPING" has two meanings:-
(i) The RAISING UP of an army and (ii) every bone FINDING its right place.
'Laymans' will raise up such an army of correctly placed church members.
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Pic - Rev. Smiley T. Papenfus

Rev. Smiley has 24 years of fruitfulness in this proven ministry that is resurrecting "Armies of Believers" in local churches.

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Ezek 37:7b,10 (NAS) I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold, a rattling; and the bones came together, bone to its bone.
10b  ...& the breath came into them, & they came to life, & stood on their feet,
an exceedingly great ARMY.
Luke 6:40
(NAS) "A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been FULLY TRAINED (not taught), will be LIKE his teacher."
Eph 4:11-12 Christ's charge to the 5-fold Ministers is to ...EQUIP the Saints for the Work of Ministry...
Eph 6:15 (NAS) ...HAVING shod your (members) feet with the PREPARATION of the gospel of peace...  (Sadly most Christians have this most vital part of God's armor missing.  A barefoot army is laughable - certainly not one an enemy would take seriously).
John 21:16 (NAS) Jesus said, " you (really) love Me? ...(then teach My saints to) Shepherd My sheep."
Eph 4:11-12
is the New Testament parallel of Ezek 37:7-10, which reveals GOD'S PURPOSE for the end time church; which is for every Bone in the Body of Christ to be resurrected to function in its right place - resulting in an exceedingly great Army of equipped and mobilized saints actively involved in the spiritual work of the ministry.


The "Laymans School of Training" is set out like an 18 Hole Golf Course (adding FUNctionality)...

After 18 holes you'll be swinging this smooth

…each Hole represents a purposeful, life changing, practical Bible course - producing mature, functioning members.  Pastor, imagine how awesome it would be having a church of equipped and mobilized "fully trained" members, who under your direction are diligently doing the bulk of the work of the ministry - gathering and discipling the HARVEST - freeing more of your time to "...DEVOTE yourself to prayer, and to the ministry of the Word" - Acts 6:4.  It's God's divine strategy, as given to Moses in Exod 18:17-24.
I offer my services and years of expertise to help implement God's divine Master Plan.

Come "Tee Off" with us on Hole 1

"Layman's School of Training"
web-site nominated for...

Hole 18a - The Biblical People Skills 3 session seminar has become one of the most popular and sought after courses by Pastors for me to teach, because of the positive life transformation experienced by their members who've completed this dynamic training.

As Pastors we're always looking for the best discipleship training materials to equip our members to do the work of the ministry.  Some of the very best resources that I have ever used, I found right here.  Thank you Smiley for a great web-site - Pastor Jerry Cocran, New Jerusalem Praise & Worship Center, Pearl River, LA.

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PARTNER WITH THIS MINISTRY ~ Quotation Collection - January 31, 2005
Ø Ø   Pre-Paid Legal gives all North Americans the opportunity of equal access to our legal system   × × ~ every church in the USA needs to hear and respond to this most urgent message.
Hole 18d Management by Measurement is one of the most dynamic seminars for all church leaders to attend.
Our "PRODUCT" web-page has finally gone online for your quick & easy ordering convenience.
HIGH ENERGY DIET - a Permanent Fat Loss Program for a Long Healthy Life.
Hot News Flashes - MAN RISES FROM THE DEAD AFTER 3 DAYS - February 28, 2002.
RESTORE AMERICA - Encouraging ALL Christians to Vote - a 'must see' web-site.
Every 'Parent' and 'Youth Pastor' needs to click on this link of 5 Keys to Greatness for the benefit of every graduate.
Click on this link to book your 'best deal' trip online - Best Travel web-sites - November 6, 2001
PC Study Bible - definitely my #1 choice out of 12 Bible programs - unrivaled for Bible study and research.
HeavenWord is the greatest Bible software to thoroughly saturate you in the Word of God day and night.
Hole 7a Prayer Revival for the Harvest has been updated - March 29, 2001.
Hole 3 Fishers of Men has been updated - March 9, 2001.

Since the time of the early church, the FISH has been a symbol of Christianity.  The Greek word for fish - "ICHTHUS" - is an acrostic for "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior."   Only through the CROSS can the symbolism of the FISH become a living reality in our lives.

Jesus is READY to meet YOU.
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for a real encounter with Him.

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In Mark 16:15 Jesus COMMANDED us to...
"GO into ALL the WORLD and preach the gospel to all creation."
Will you help us spread the WORD around the WORLD by taking these 3 simple steps...

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1.  By an Apostolic teaching anointing and outstanding leadership training, help churches shore up their foundation, that their superstructure may steadily rise to the heights of their God given vision.
2.  To bring the 'Spirit of Refreshing' and 'Holy Ghost Revival' to the local church.
3.  To locate, train and activate laymen to function in their place of gifting in the body of Christ.
4.  Provide 'Proven Training Materials' for each local church to 'Train & Equip her Saints for the Work of Ministry.'  These materials originate from a flourishing church of 10,000 members - Family Harvest Church, Johannesburg, S.A.
5.  To reach churches worldwide, by publicizing this ministry on the internet, to help raise 1000's of 'Armies of Believers,' who are Trained, Equipped & Mobilized to (i) Pray in the Harvest (ii) Evangelize the Harvest and (iii) Shepherd the Harvest - with the goal of 50% of New Converts & 20% of Visitors becoming active local church members.

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