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The greatest accomplishment in life is to know and obey God, to discover and fulfill His plan for your life.  It is the chief thing.  To miss this is to miss the mark.  In the kingdom of God, great people are those who understand this is accomplished through a disciplined, intimate relationship with God.  I do not mean those who talk about prayer; or those who say they believe in prayer; nor those who can explain about prayer; but I mean THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE REVELATION TO SPEND TIME WITH GOD - who desire to know, discover and obey Him.

H. MacGregor: I would rather train twenty men to pray, than a thousand to preach - a minister's highest mission ought to be to teach his people to pray.  The disciples said, "Lord teach us to pray!" - they wanted what He had.

Sample 'Flier' to advertise Prayer Revival we desire to bring to churches hungry for the harvest.
This is the year of great Prayer Revival - the Church must be dynamically reactivated in this essential Bible key...


Pastor Farley Painter: Having heard the Prayer Revival tapes I was impressed to have Smiley do this seminar in my church.  All I can is that the tapes, as good as they are, cannot begin to compare with sitting in the anointing of these Prayer Revival meetings - it truly was a powerful Prayer Revival for my members and me - our church will never be the same.  God has renewed a passion in our hearts to pray for souls, new converts, backsliders and our nation.  As Smiley said it would, the seminar did accomplish its five-fold purpose…
1. We received a fresh
revelation of prayer - unless you have the revelation of something you'll never do it.
2. A renewed
vision of what a true New Testament praying church is was imparted to us through the video Smiley shot of Bro. Cho's church in Soeul, Korea.  The strong anointing of prayer on that church is on this video and touched our hearts.
3. We experienced an
impartation of the anointing of prayer by the laying on of hands and nightly prayer participation.  Jesus said, "My house shall be a house of prayer…"
4. We implemented a divine
strategy of prayer that Smiley introduced through the Prayer Bible Markers.
5. These Prayer Bible Markers are also maintaining us in the
momentum of prayer.

Pastor Nick Manassa: Your "Prayer Revival for the Harvest" seminar was outstanding.  My wife and I and our congregation are still feeling the powerful effect of it and putting into practice the truths you imparted to us.  Your teaching was deliberate, anointed and thorough.  Your enthusiasm and sincerity was so refreshing.  The revelation that came forth has motivated us to pray more than ever before.  From Sunday through to Wednesday night you fed the people and our congregation will never have a dull prayer life again.  I highly recommend this seminar.  It is so important to living a victorious and fruitful Christian life.  You reaffirmed in the hearts of our people that prayer is the key to reaping and keeping a great harvest of fruit that remains - like Jesus, Paul and Epaphras did.


From previous Prayer Revivals I've conducted across America I believe this is one of the strongest anointings on my life - to revive the church to pray in the harvest.  Without this, we will at best get limited results in all our Evangelism/Shepherding efforts.
I sincerely believe the single greatest need in America is to bring the church back to the success pattern of the early church, which is to revive the spirit of intercession for the lost - not a team of faithful intercessors, but congregation of New Testament saints effectively praying in the harvest producing fruit that remains.
Jesus said, "My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you have made it… (fill in the blank)" Matt 21:13
It would be awesome if we could take your entire church to Korea to see for themselves why they are getting 11,000 souls saved a month - if they could catch that prayer vision and anointing - well they can, because I'm going to bring that vision & anointing into your church in the form of a video I shot there - everyone needs to see this video.  The anointing and spirit of prayer that is on Dr. Cho's church is on this video and will be imparted to your people - each night of this seminar this anointing will grow stronger and stronger.  This is far more than a prayer teaching with dynamic life changing revelation, but a powerful impartation of the anointing and spirit of prayer - coupled with great strategy to maintain it's momentum to assure it produces the results of a greatly increased harvest with fruit that remains.

1. The Holy Spirit - Our Divine Helper in Intercession
The imperativeness of Prayer - that throughout the ages has birthed great manifestations of visitations through men of God who've learn to draw close to Him
Mankind's desperate need for an Intercessor - Jesus our example
How The Holy Spirit helps us in intercession
The importance of birthing a vision in prayer
The Holy Spirit helping our infirmities (weakness)

2. Jesus - Our Pattern for Successful Motivated Intercession
Our legal rights and authority in Prayer
Prayer motivated by Divine Love
How to effectively pray for and Win the Lost and keep the harvest
The power of identification in intercession as seen in Jesus & Paul's ministries, resulting in great deliverance

3. Praying in the Spirit
How God is using intercessors today to accomplish His work on the earth
A startling accurate Bible description of what true intercession is - and what it accomplishes
The importance of interceeding for baby Christians
Understanding what 'Praying in the Spirit' is
Understanding the purposes of different kinds of 'Praying in the Spirit' and the different results produced

4. Essential Biblical Principles for Effective Intercession
Boldness: It's imperativeness; How to increase it; Bible examples and results of those who prayed with it
Fervency: Definition; It's power; How to increase it
Strong desire: What it is; How it relates to successful intercession
Perseverance: How it motivates our praying; the tragedy of this missing ingredient
How to effectively intercede for those bound by sin for their deliverance - in your family, church, city, etc.

5. Reviving the Art of Intercession
Why Paul instructed Christians to wrestle in Prayer
Effective Intercession for the Nation
How a 'Harvest that remains' and 'Reviving the Art of Intercession' are directly related to one another
In practice: How to increase the effectiveness of your prayer life
Avoiding 'Excesses'
How to run an successful 'Prayer Group'.

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