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I love Fishers of Men.  It is the most powerful and vital course on the Laymans School, one that every Christian should do, even if they do not feel called to become Trainers on a subsequent course.  What they learned and experienced will be invaluable to them for the rest of their Christian life.
However, it is very irresponsible to win scores of souls, with no plan or effort to effectively disciple them.  Our commission is to make disciples, not just to win souls.  Hence, the Prayer Friend Discipling program was birthed.
It has
two major rails that the program was established and on...
1.  We need the Bible revelation that fervent prayer is God's first and most important spiritual activity for the successful birthing and discipling of infant Christians.  Jesus, Paul, Epaphras and other key Biblical leaders all employed this as their foremost activity in discipling their new converts.  We must follow their pattern if we want the same successful results they had.
2.  Statistically it has been proven that 80% of the reason why people choose a church as their home church is because they have friends there.  They have a strong sense of belonging.  They can associate your church with family and home.  Hence, it is most important to have a structure that connects all Fishers of Men converts and church visitors with your Prayer Friend Disciplers.  These skilled Prayer Friends have been trained in a very practical way how to naturally befriend and build healthy relationships with all those God is sending to your care.  As you become faithful with the little, God begins to bless you with the more.

Hence, our method of discipling was built around these two most powerful Bible principles - Prayer and Friendship.
The Prayer Friend Discipling program is the very best program for those churches:-
a) who
do not and/or will not have cells
b) those who would like to implement a simple and effective shepherding program in preparation to
one day transition into cells, one that perfectly fits into the cell system, making it dynamic and effective
c) those who would like to make their
existing cell program abundantly fruitful.

Ultimately, you'll need at least three Prayer Friends for every Fishers of Men Trainer.

1. What is the Ministry of the Prayer Friend?
To discover the Biblical relationship between the shepherd and his sheep.
To learn and aquire the qualities of all the outstanding shepherds of the Bible.
To catch the heart and nature of a true shepherd.
To raise up caring shepherd leaders, preventing the sheep from being scattered.

2. Intercession for Disciplees to Grow Spiritually
To get the revelation, emphatically taught in the scriptures, that without heartfelt intercession, no spiritual babies can be truly born again.  God wants genuine spiritual births, not superfical conversions - who at best halfheartedly serve God.
To learn from the examples of Jesus, Paul, Epaphras, and other Biblical giants; that your FIRST responsible action of discipleship is to daily pray for your disciplees.
To learn how to intercede fervently, with strong desire and persistance - till the victory is won.

3. Effective Discipling
To identify the 8 "Key Result Areas" the Prayer Friend needs to concentrate on for successful discipling...
i)   Prayer
ii)   Friendship
iii)  Discipling - checklist:- (a) Prayer  (b) Word  (c) Witnessing  (d) Fellowship  (e) Personal Growth  (f) Ministry, and
     (h) Family.
iv)  Counselling
v)   Reproduction
vi)  Commitment
vii)  Structure
viii) Human Relations.
To list the required "Performance Standards" under each of the above 8 "Key Result Areas", that Prayer Friends can easily keep track of the spiritual progress of their disciplees, and identify the weak areas they need encouragement in.

4. The Cost of Discipleship
To understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.
To paint a Biblical picture of one who has successfully reached the end of the road of discipleship, that we might have God's spiritual goal posts to shoot for.
To outline what the Prayer Friend needs to do to successfully navigate his own life, and the lives of his disciplees, up the narrow road that leads to eternal life.
For the Prayer Friend to understand and establish God's priorities in his own life, and in the lives of his disciplees.

5. Human Relation Skills - Part 1 & Memory Pegs
To train our leaders to use good Human Relation Skills, until it beomes second nature to them - treating all people right, with love and respect.
To learn the Memory Pegs on which all 30 Human Relation Principals hang; that the students might easily recall these principals at will, to use at the drop of a hat.
To learn how to strike up easy conversation with a total stranger, to get to know his interests and desires.
To train Prayer Friends in a mock class situation how to use their newly aquired Human Relation and other skills to effectively disciple their new converts.

6. Human Relation Skills - Part 2 & Memory Pegs
To learn the balance of the Human Relation Principles, including the last nine on "How to Solve a Problem without causing Offence or arousing Resentment".
To train Prayer Friends in a mock class situation how to tactfully follow up those who have been absent from church 2 weeks in a row.

7. The Art of Counseling
To train the Prayer Friends how to skillfully guide their new converts to make right Biblical decisions.
To teach the Prayer Friend that people need to become responsible and accountable for their actions.
To expose how man uses ego defense mechanisms to hide his sin, preventing change and improvment.
To aquire the greatest skill in counselling - getting people to open up and confess the root of their sin.
To learn and effectively use the most dynamic simple 4 point formula to guide people to make THEIR OWN correct choices, based upon the Word of God...
i)   What is the problem?
ii)  What are all the possible solutions to this problem?
iii)  What is the best possible solution(s)?
iv)  Draw up a positive plan of action - actual things you can do to overcome the problem.

Laymans Tape Order Page ~

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