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Hello!  My name is Rev. Smileyé.  Allow me to introduce myself to you.  Click on "The Rev" link above.

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• Dell Latitude XPi CD Portable computer.
• 166 Mhz Intel® Pentium processor with MXX technology - this speedy brain quickly executes all commands.
• 80 MB RAM is plenty working memory to further speed up your tasks and allow you to run several programs simultaneously.
• 6 GB hard drive - mega size storage space.
• 12.1" bright SVGA TFT Active-Matrix display with a resolution of  800 x 600 pixels.
• Optical (not mechanical) trackball - always 100% true - 1,000% better than a frustrating pointing stick or an over-sensitive touchpad.
• 10 spin CD-ROM Drive
• 3½" Floppy Disk Drive
...both built in - no swapping of drives.
• Lithium ion smart battery - long life.
• AC Power Adapter.
• Two Type II PC Card PCMCIA slots - for internet & network connection options.
• 33K Modem (PCMCIA) - for reasonable internet connection speed - (
i) to Email and (ii) to search & surf the www (World Wide Web).
• Built-in audio quad (4) speakers with separate headphone, microphone and Audio-in jacks.
• Front and rear infrared ports - no printing cables necessary.
• Buyer pays actual Shipping - about $18.50 for U.S.A. buyers.
• Guaranteed against DOA (dead on arrival). 

Go to to bid on one of these laptops - search under Dell laptops, less than 450 MHz - type in XPi CD.
These reliable laptops are well run in, with whatever quirks they may have had, already ironed out (which can't be said of new computers).
I handpicked this second-hand computer, did a fresh Windows 98 installation, plus loaded all the very best Bible and other essential software I've discovered over many years of research and personal use - superior software that really helps one become far more effective in life.
The original owners bought these computers for ±$4,000 a couple of years ago (and it was the latest greatest thing that could do everything you could ever imagine - for me it still can - I'm not parting with mine) - now you can
get all this for around $299 - as and when they become available - I NO LONGER HAVE THE TIME TO HELP IN THIS REGARD.
Email me if you have any questions.

Latitude with an Attitude - by Gordon Lewis (portable computer editor).
Dell Latitude XPi CD M166ST - You won't find any cut corners in this rock-solid 166MHz MMX performer.
I have a confession to make.  When I first laid eyes on the Dell Latitude XPi CD M166ST, I was underwhelmed.  It's pricier than many of its competitors, and instead of the normal touchpad or pointing stick you find on other laptops, the XPi CD has, of all things, a trackball.  "How cool can a laptop be," I thought to myself, "if it has a trackball?  The truth is I was prejudiced.  But once I actually started using it, my prejudices evaporated like an early morning fog.  I even fell in love with Dell's
optical trackball - without doubt the truest pointing device ever designed.
For starters, let's take a closer look at its size.  Although the XPi CD is slightly thicker than many of its competitors, it compensates with heavy-duty construction.  Every component, from the tilt-support legs to the keyboard, feels solid and built to last.  I wouldn't recommend dropping or kicking it, mind you - however, this laptop will certainly be able to handle the normal wear-and-tear of life on the road better than most.
Another thing to bear in mind is that the XPi CD comes with a 10xCD-ROM drive and a 1,44MB floppy disk drive both built-in.  The CD-ROM drive, by the way, has variable-speed option.  It can automatically slow down if it detects a warped CD, thereby preventing the drive from vibrating.
Solid construction
This overall impression of sturdiness applies to this rock-solid keyboard - it has none of the bounce and flex so common to most laptops.  Along with the standard 3mm of travel, the keys have that subtle "click" feeling that lets you know whether or not you missed a stroke.

As far as Fn functions go, the XPi CD M166ST has the usual assortment: an embedded numeric keypad, brightness and volume controls, a CRT/LCD toggle, and a suspend mode key.  Dell opted to use LED's for the system status indicators such as power on, hard disk read/write, caps lock, low battery, and battery charging.  They're located along the lower right edge of the display hinge and were easily visible in both bright and dim light.
One function I particularly appreciate was the system status key - F3.  It displays important information such as which power management modes are enabled, how much RAM is installed, and how much battery power you have left.
When it comes to moving the cursor, the trackball quickly won me over.  It turns out it's not just an old-fashioned mechanical trackball, but rather an optical trackball.  That makes it fast, precise, and durable - something you can't say about a lot of touchpads and pointing sticks.  Another plus is that even though the trackball itself is the size of a marble, the mouse buttons verge on huge.  There ain't no way you can miss these suckers, yet they don't get in the way and they don't cause any unexpected mischief.
Sights and sounds
The XPi CD's 12.1" active-matrix display is no less impressive than its keyboard.  Evenness of illumination is above average, particularly as it applies to viewing angle.  Where some screens only look their best when your eyes are at a certain "sweet spot," the XPi CD is more forgiving.  This means you can run a presentation for two clients seated side-by-side in front of the display and both  will be able to see it equally well.
Screen brightness is average.  It looks great in average room light, but is rather dim when you're outdoors in bright shade or seated next to a big window.  There are 7 steps from minimum to maximum brightness.
The XPi CD can display 24-bit photo-realistic color, but only at a display setting of 640 x 480 pixels.  The highest color resolution you can get at highter resolution is 16-bit (65,000 colors).  More important is the fact that the M166ST has a 128-bit video graphics accelerator and supports MPEG video compression and playback.  This combined with its 166MHz MMX processor, makes running video clips and graphics-intensive presentations a pleasure rather than a source of embarrassment.
Sound quality is about what you'd expect from a portable computer with tiny speakers: crisp clear highs, weak midrange, and practically non-existent bass.  The maximum volume is similarly limited, and I noticed a slight reverb effect from Dell's "spatialized sound."  Its 4 speakers, by the way, are on either side and 2 others hidden below the display hinge.
Connecting externally powered speakers makes a noticeable improvement in both volume and fidelity without affecting the reverb.  Overall, you won't mistake the sound from the XPi CD for a high-quality stereo system, but it's more than adequate for multimedia use.
The XPi CD has the standard assortment of ports.  On the rear you'll find a serial connector, parallel connector, PS/2 port, external monitor connector, IrDA infrared serial port, and a port replicator.  For added convenience there's a second IrDA port on the front of the unit, an extremely useful feature if, you're going to be using the notebook in conjunction with a PDA or handheld computer.  On the left side you'll find two Type II PC Card slots and connectors for an external microphone, a small internal mike is built-in, external speakers, and headphones.  Dell opted to leave the card slots uncovered but protected by two "dummy" cards.  This eliminates the often flimsy slot door and provides easier access, but you have to be a bit more careful when you're around dust and liquids.
It's important to note that in general the XPi CD uses the highest performance interfaces available.  The parallel port therefore supports both the EPP (enhanced parallel port) and ECP (extended capabilities port) protocols.  Similarly, the PC Card slots support the new 32-bit CardBus PC Card standard and the hard drive bus uses the Enhanced IDE, interface.
Solid Performance
If you haven't already guessed by now, the Dell Latitude XPi CD MI66T's performance is as solid as its construction.  From multimedia design and presentation to database and project management, the XPi CD moves quickly and efficiently.  It's easy to overlook the fact that performance on this level doesn't happen by accident; it requires clever engineering, and Dell's engineers deserve both credit and praise for this.
Also keep in mind that the XPi CD's performance can only improve as more applications are written specifically for MMX processors.
I'm also happy to report that this speed and power did not come at the expense of battery life.  Multimedia laptops with large active-matrix screens and fast processors are notorious for sucking a battery dry in little more than an hour.  Not so with the XPi CD.  I got roughly two hours per charge, even with the battery power-management software shut off.  And about four hours with it on.
Recharge times are swift: 1.5 hours when the computer is off, or 2.5 hours while the computer is on.  Of course, this means you'll still need a second battery if you plan to work during a coast-to-coast flight, but with the XPi CD's "hot swap" feature you can swap batteries while the computer is in suspend mode.
Another plus in the performance column is Dell's service and technical support.  Its printed owner's manual and online user's guide are both outstanding.  If that isn't enough, technical support is available world-wide and in most cases 24 hours a day, seven days a week via fax, World Wide Web, e-mail, BBS, and even the humble telephone.
I can report from personal experience that Dell's support personnel are knowledgeable and well trained.  The Dell Latitude XPi CD M166ST comes with a three-year warranty, and Dell diagnostics software.  Since Dell sells direct, you can add whatever extra features and software you like.  As for the prejudices I mentioned earlier, it's still true that the XPi CD's weight, thickness, and price are a bit heftier than some of its competitors, and you, like I, may initially be put off by this (but bear in mind you have the CD ROM drive and Floppy Drive both built in, making it very slightly thicker and heavier, but look what a great trade-off.  Sure it's costs more than some cheapies, but look at the scores of hidden features that only come with the Dell.  You get what you're paying for).
But after you factor in its high quality, performance, and tech support, you may discover that the XPi CD M166ST is that rare type of laptop - the type that takes a load off your mind as well as your desk.
Dell Latitude XPi CD M166ST, $4599 (retail) as tested...
166 MHz Pentium MMX CPU (Central Processing Unit or brain)
64 MB EDO RAM (Random Access Memory) (80 MB maximum RAM)
256 KB pipeline burst cache
3 GB HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
1,44 MB FDD (Floppy Disk Drive)
12.1" SVGA TFT screen with 128-bit graphics accelerator
10x CD-ROM
Lithium-ion battery
16-bit stereo sound with speakers and microphone
11 x 9 x 2.48 inches
7.3 lbs. with battery.

Dell Latitude XPi CD MMX Unofficial Information Center
Everything Technical You Could Ever Want To Know About The Dell Latitude XPi CD

For $5.00 or more I will Email you the zipped up files & drivers necessary to make a boot-up & installation floppy, with exact easy to follow directions on how to reinstall Windows 98 SE from scratch - just the way Dell factory would do it.

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