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Hello!  My name is Rev. Smileyé.  Allow me to introduce myself to you.  Click on "The Rev" link above.

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A wise man of God advised me many years ago, "Only read recommended books, because 80% of the books on Christian shelves are either unsound or simply not worth reading."

Have you read a
great book that inspired, challenged or changed your life, one you'd like to strongly recommend to others?  Please don't recommend your own books.  You may recommend between 1 and 7 books, but really what we're looking for is your top three recommendations.  I will promptly add your recommendations to this web-page.  Click on this link è to send an Email to Bro. Smiley that must include the following information:-
i) The Title  ii) The Author  iii) A one sentence guideline of what the book is about, (see first example below).
NB. Books recommended by people I do not personally know, will need to be checked out first.

NB. Some books that changed our lives many years ago, might seem somewhat basic to us today.  That's how it should be - don't be concerned about it - go right ahead and still recommend it, because it might just be for someone who is at the place where you were back then.

Rev. Smiley T. Papenfus
I Believe in Visions - Kenneth E. Hagin ~ several personal encounters and conversations with Jesus are described.
The Final Quest - Rick Joyner ~ Ministers who don't treat God's people right are in for a shock when they get to heaven.
Secrets of the Most Holy Place - Don Nori ~ A Prophetic Parable of Life Within the Veil.
Maximized Manhood - Ed Cole ~ men being men and taking their position of authority and responsibility again.
The Art of Intercession - Kenneth E. Hagin ~ shows the modern church the Bible pattern of intercession God requires.
The God Chasers - Tommy Tenney ~ If you've lost your hunger for God, or if you want your hunger to intensify, it is a must-read.
Right & Wrong Thinking - Kenneth E. Hagin ~ a book that turned the wrong thinking of my negative childhood circumstances around.
The Eternal Church - Bill Hamon ~ Can we finally be the generation not to repeat the mistakes of past revivals?
Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki ~ What the Rich Teach their Kids about Money that the Poor & Middle Class do not.
The Robe - Lloyd C. Douglas ~ A gripping story of the Roman officer who got the robe of Jesus and how it impacted his life.

Marlene Papenfus
God's Generals - Roberts Liardon ~ The biography of the successes and failures of many great men of God.
Left Behind - Tim La Haye - a vivid description of how the end times could possibly pan out causing a closer walk to Jesus.

Alison Papenfus
Passion for Jesus - Mike Bickle

Pastor Harold Eiland
7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey ~ Covers goal setting, time management, prioritizing, etc.
How to be happy though married - Tim LaHaye ~ Deals with understanding temperaments to improve marriage.

Pastor Dan Tamburo
John G. Lake - Kenneth Copeland Publishing ~ Collected sermons, testimonies, and biography of a great man.
The Purpose of Prayer - E.M. Bounds ~ A challenge to the horns of the altar.
Breaking Intimidation - John Bevere ~ Spiritual encouragement to seek boldness and lose fear.
Diary of Signs and Wonders - Maria Woodworth Etter
The Purpose Driven Church - Rick Warren ~ Spiritual common sense to build your church with purpose, not programs.
The Disciple - Juan Carlos Ortiz ~ Radical Christian thinking in Argentina Revival.
How Saved Are We - Michael Brown ~ Description on North American church in need of change.
Close Encounters of the God Kind - Jesse Duplantis ~ Description of a 6 hour trip to heaven and message from Jesus.
What wives wish their husbands knew about women - James Dobson ~ Marriage builder for men and women.
The Spirit Filled Temperament - Tim LaHaye ~ Understanding yourself so you can believe God for change.
Satan Listen to Me - Carlos Anacondia ~ Accounting of Argentine Revival Miracles and Visitation of God there.
The Secret of His Power - Biography of Smith Wiggelsworth fact every Smith Wigglesworth book.

Barbara Jiminez
Hey God! ~ The story of a Catholic mother who prayed in many miracles which became a powerful witness to the family.
Hinds Feet in High Places - Hannah Hunnard
Mountain of Spices - sequel to 'Hinds Feet...' ~ more powerful allegories that help us recognize the attitudes of the mind.
The Inner Life of Intercession - Andrew Murray
Revival Praying - Leonard Ravenhill
Prayers that Availeth Much

Pastor Joe Jones
The Point of No Return - Rick Renner ~ Those who've reached the crossroads in life and need courage and answers.

Pastor Chuck Constant
This Present Darkness & Piercing the Darkness - Frank Peretti

Pastor E.J. Danton
Who Moved My Cheese? - Spencer Johnson ~ An Amazing Way to Deal With Change in Your Work and in Your Life.

Rodney Howard-Browne
Just as I am - Billy Grahams life story.

Pastor Tim Grant
You Have Not Many Fathers - Mark Hanby ~ This book spawned dramatic change in my life.  It's about restoring right relationships.

Pastor Daniel Bufkin
Worship - Norvel Hayes ~ This book shows that our highest duty to God, and His greatest desire concerning us, is worship.

Michael Corcoran
There Were Two Trees in the Garden - Rick Joyner ~ This book challenged me like no other book written by man.

Erica Shearer
The Blood and the Glory - Billye Brim ~ This book taught me so much about His precious Blood and His wonderful glory.

Bob Carter
China Cry - Nora Lam ~ a great Chinese evangelist.

Joe & Lorrie Pucciariello
Hinds Feet on High Places & Mountain of Spices - Hannah Hurnard ~ Written in allegory format much like Pilgrims Progress.  It's a must for every Christian.  A classic that never grows old.

Lyndon Pousson Sr.
Hudson Taylor, God's Man For China
In His Steps
Pilgrim's Progress

Pastor Kenneth Sturgil
The Three Battlegrounds - Francis Frangipané ~ Covers the 3 arenas of spiritual warfare: The Mind, The Church & Heavenly Places.

Paige Becnel
The Prayer of Jabez - Bruce Wilkerson ~ Breaking Through to the Blessed Life.
10 Lies the Church tells Woman - J. Lee Grady ~ How the Bible has been misused to keep woman in spiritual .
Blended Families - Moe&Paige Becnel ~ 75% of step families end in divorce - the Becnel's practical book shows how yours can succeed - Tel: +1 (225) 752-4186 U.S.A.

Tommy James
Rees Howells, Intercessor - Norman Grubb
They Shall Expel Demons - Derek Prince ~ One of the best books you'll ever read on this subject.

Jerry Dodson
Chosen By God - RC Sproul ~ A masterful treatment of the sovereignty of God in salvation.
Last Days Madness - Gary DeMar ~ Cuts through all the speculative hype surrounding Biblical prophecy, and gives a clear, Biblically based understanding of such topics as the beast, the antichrist, the rapture, etc.
Romans: An Interpretive Outline - David Steele and Curtis Thomas ~ An invaluable study guide to aid you in your understanding of the best systematic theology ever written!
Redemption Accomplished and Applied - John Murray ~ A careful treatise on the basic doctrines of justification and sanctification by one of the finest theologians who ever lived.
A Price for a People - Tom Wells ~ Systematically explains the purpose and scope of the death of Jesus.

David Harwood
Pursuit of God - Tozer
Absolute Surrender - Murray

Stephan Vosloo
ABBA's Child - Brennan Manning
Knowing that I am the beloved

Hristo Cholakov
Doing business God's way - Denis Peackok ~ It is about what our lives should be like as Christians 7 days a week.

Arlene Woods
The Power of the Tongue - Charles Capps
Screwtape letters - C.S. Lewis
The Normal Christian Life - Watchman Nee
My Utmost For His Highest
I dared to call Him Father - Bilquis Sultan
Evangelism by Fire - Reinhardt Bonke

Bert Lorentz
Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness - Jerry Cook with Stanley C. Baldwin
Equipping the Church to be Truly Christian in a Non-Christian world.

Recommended by folks on my Email list who I do not know
Practicing the presence of God - Brother Lawrence ~ A book that helps you to keep in constant communion with the Lord.
Miracles of Seed Faith - Oral Roberts ~ A book that will open your heart to the blessings of giving.
The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting - Mahesh Chavda ~ One of the few books I've ever read that actually held an impartation within it's pages.  This hidden man of prayer practiced fasting for years before revealing it's secrets of benefits to man.
Listen to Me, Satan - Carlos Annocondia ~ A simple yet biblical victorious book on recognizing and casting out devils by an Argentina businessman.  This book also seems to have an impartation upon it.
Understanding the Spiritual Seasons of Life - David Swan ~ A book written especially for pastors to help them.
The Davidic Generation - David Swan ~ A book for a true worshipper
The Power of Prohetic Worship - David Swan ~ A book for a true worshipper
Moving into the Holy of Holies - David Swan ~ A book for a true worshipper
The Mystery of Melchisedec - Stephen J. Everett ~ A book concerning the lastday priesthood flowing from the life and Rest of God.
You have not many Fathers - Dr. Mark Hanby ~ A book about the order of God being passed down from spiritual fathers to sons.
Authority in Three Worlds - Charles Capps ~ This book reveals Jesus work on the cross from OT shadows transferring authority to the believer.

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