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Add this sentence to the end of the grace you pray over every meal, "Lord Jesus, I thank You for your grace that empowers me everyday to 'Eat to Live' and not to 'Live to Eat'."


To be fervently affirmed before every 'meal-time' - and again afterwards if the desire to over-eat persists, or whenever you're being tempted to cheat.
Affirmations are most effective when you confess each point a few times over before going onto the next.
Once you have reached your goal weight continue to affirm this
once a day as a maintenance program.
The first few days will be the most difficult, but once you have gained the victory for
21 consecutive days you will have formed new correct Biblical eating habits.  Do you have 21 days will-power saint of God?  Of course you do!  You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.


James 3:2 (NAS) "If a man does not stumble in WORD, he is a perfect man, able to (Goodspeed) CONTROL his whole body as well."
I am a product of the WORDS I say and believe everyday. (Mark 11:23)

Prov 23:2-3 (NAS) "...Put a knife to your throat if you're a man of great appetite (i.e. take drastic action).
Do not desire his (dainties - KJV) for it is (TREACHEROUS - ABPS) food."
(There is treachery in every food outlet, namely junk and processed foods, which is one of satan's tools to destroy, weaken and tire the body of Christ; robbing them of the energy and motivation they need to fulfill God's call.  Don't fall into satan's trap.  Resist junk food like you resist all other temptation to sin.  Imagine a 'Skull and Crossbones' over all junk food to warn you of death, weakness and sickness).

Rom 16:18a (NAS) For such men are slaves, not of our Lord Christ but of their own appetites...
(Appetite - Thayers Greek: koilia {koy-lee'-ah} - one of its meanings is the gullet, to be given up to the pleasures of the palate, to gluttony).
I am a bond-slave of Jesus Christ, an obedient disciple of the Word of God, and therefore always eat wisely, moderately, and healthily. 
My spirit rules my appetite in Jesus name.

Psa 141:3-4 (NAS) "Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips ... do not let me eat of their (dainties - KJV)."
I will to cut out ALL junk processed food and SUGAR, as these foods are like poison to the body.
Sugar causes heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, fatigue, anxiety, hyperactivity, ulcers, diseases of the colon, allergies, diabetes, hyperglycemia, migraine headaches, and obesity.  People who eat sugar crave more and before the craving is satisfied, have eaten far too much.  Sugar robs the body of the B-complex energy vitamins - just wipes them out).
Dan 1:8a,15a (NAS) ".........................'s made up his mind not to DEFILE himself with the Kings junk food ... and at the end of ten days his/her appearance seemed better..."

Lev 3:16b-17a (NAS) "...ALL fat is the LORD'S.
17  'It is a perpetual statute throughout your generations in all your dwellings:
you shall not eat any fat...'"
I will to only eat healthy whole foods - emphasizing a "Low Fat" diet (click on link è to ORDER Smiley's High Energy Diet winning book).

Because I belong to Christ Jesus
my flesh with its passions and desires is CRUCIFIED.  I walk by the spirit and do not carry out the desires of the flesh. (Gal 5:24,16)
I'm disciplined to only eat healthy whole foods.  I overcome all temptation to eat junk food, recognizing that it is deceptive garbage - and I'm no garbage can.
Body and appetite - SETTLE DOWN in the name of Jesus - CONFORM to the Word of God and with this affirmation of faith.

Matt 11:12 (NAS) "...the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by FORCE."
(You've got to get violent {serious}. Don't play around with lack of self control, or it'll whip you.  Self control is your kingdom heritage.  Draw your boundary lines.  Boldly confess to one and all your determination of what and when you will eat.  Confess it out loud to one and all every-time you feel tempted to cheat.  Get serious and whip that fat).

I drink
one gallon of PURE water a day between meals (i.e. an hour before and 2 hours after).
(Adding a teaspoon of 'Magnesium Chloride' crystals to your gallon of water causes the heart to pump more efficiently with a full contraction, enhancing circulation, energy, concentration, motivation, digestion, absorption of all the nutrients we eat, bringing about optimum health at cell level - resulting in peak performance).

I have
developed a sincere burning desire for the things I want in life.  A burning desire is the greatest motivator of every human action.  My burning desire is to be trim and healthy - abounding with energy to serve and obey my Lord Jesus Christ.

I call those things that do not exist as existing.
(Rom 4:17b)
I have a flat stomach.


Try to drink a gallon of pure water everyday between meals (cutting right back on tea, coffee and soda's).

3 moderate healthy low fat meals a day.  Eat slowly and chew your food properly - enjoy!  Tune into your stomach while eating and stop eating when it tells you, "I'm full".  You don't have to finish all the food on your plate.  Cut out seconds, deserts and nibbling (by not having the serving dishes on the table).  Stay away from 'All You Can Eat Restaurants'.  Most people's eyes are far bigger than their stomach's.  Not loading your plate will help you to eat less.  Most people eat far more than they need - evidenced by the excess weight they carry.  You'll be amazed how much better your body will function on less food.  NEVER OVEREAT!!!  Overeating stretches and enlarges your stomach.

Eat a healthy
low fat snack an hour before meals, to take the edge off your appetite (like a piece of fruit, fruit salad with a fat free yogurt, grapes with fat free yogurt, a baked potato with a fat free sour cream, a salad with fat free dressing, a healthy All Bran type cereal with skim milk, etc).
Eating 3 smaller meals plus the added in-between snacks greatly speeds up your metabolism, as does exercise.  Go for an hours walk after supper to burn off your meal - and use this time to relax in uninterrupted quality time and conversation with your family.

The best meal to
eat late at night is a fruit salad (or a single fruit) on an empty stomach with nothing else.  Fruit is the only meal that will digest in one hour, (but only if it's eaten on it's own), enabling you to get a good nights quality sleep on an empty stomach.
Eccl 5:12 (NAS) ...the full stomach of the rich man does not allow him to sleep.
Most people constantly function on depleted energy levels, resulting in low motivation, all because of wrong eating habits, causing restless sleep.
A second choice for a late night meal, would be a baked potato with fat free sour cream, a salad with fat free dressing, and some steamed vegetables without butter.  This will digest in about 2 hours.  Don't eat meat late at night - it's a much to heavy and will rob you of quality sleep.

Weigh or measure yourself everyday.  If you have put on a pound, take instant drastic action to loose it immediately.  Don't wait 'till you have put on 3 or 4 pounds or a whole inch on your waistline.

NB. To program yourself into disciplined eating habits even further, read the above affirmation onto a cassette tape (saying each point three times over before going onto the next).  Play it daily while travelling in your car.  With heart and full conviction, confess God's Word together with the tape.


The Royal College of Physicians in London, in its 1983 report on obesity, has recognized new and rather less stringent weight standards, increasing the 'acceptable' weights by 4 to 9 pounds across the board.
Life insurance statistics show
obesity to be a major risk factor in heart disease and other degenerative diseases.  Controlling your weight by improved eating habits and regular exercise will greatly diminish these health risks.

Height/Weight Chart in feet/inches and pounds for Small to Large frame people
Men        Women
4 10   ...........        92-119
4 11   ...........        94-122
5 0     ...........        96-125
5 1     ...........        99-128
5 2     112-141      102-131
5 3     115-144      105-134
5 4     118-148      108-138
5 5     121-152      111-142
5 6     124-156      114-146
5 7     128-161      118-150
5 8     132-166      122-154
5 9     136-170      126-158
5 10   140-174      130-163
5 11   144-179      134-168
6 0     148-184      138-173
6 1     152-189       ............
6 2     156-194       ............
6 3     160-199      ............
6 4     164-204      .........
convert meters to inches by 39.37 & pounds to kilograms by 2.205

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