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Pastor David York - River of Life, Paris, KY
Smiley, I need to express how much I appreciated your ministry.  Your course on "Management By Measurement" was such a blessing to me, all my staff and laymen - and visiting Pastors.  I have had the opportunity in recent years to receive this type of leadership training from several different ministries.  I recently enjoyed the "Model Church Seminar" presented by John Maxwell's "Injoy Ministries".  I must say however, that I have learned more from your seminar than any other before.  Yours is the first that I've found to be totally practical and easily appliable to any local church setting.  In talking to the other Pastors who attended, I discovered they all felt the same way.
Thank you brother for a great four days of anointed and most enjoyable ministry.  My people are already asking, "When are you coming back?"

Pastor Bob King - Harvest Christian Church, Detroit, MI
Rev. Smiley's ministry at our church was in the perfect timing of God.  His apostolic teaching anointing and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit related to us as a church right were we were in God.  The people developed an immediate relationship and connection with his gift and received much impartation from the Word and the Holy Spirit.  His teaching was powerful and demonstrated with a strong anointing and moving of the Spirit.
I highly recommend Rev. Smiley for ministry.  He will exhort, encourage and equip the saints for the work of the ministry as he did here at Harvest Christian Church.

Pastor Jim Thorsten - Riverside Christian Church, Grand Rapids, MI
It is both a joy and a privilege to convey my deep appreciation and respect for one of the finest Ministers/Educators of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I have come to know.
Rev. Smiley has to date held several very successful series of meetings at our church.  I have found him to be a man of impeccable character and integrity.
Recently, I asked Rev. Smiley to conduct his much-acclaimed "Management By Measurement" seminar at our Church.  It was one of the best decisions I have made.
It has revolutionized our leadership, instilling within them a "roll-up-the-sleeves-and-go-to-work-mentality" which blesses a Pastor more than words can say.  It has also given my members a strong desire to implement the vision of those over them in the Lord, rather than "doing their own thing".
The premise of the seminar is: "If it can't be measured, it can't be managed".  As leaders we often see the "big-picture", but come up short on "how to make it happen".  This seminar has filled in the blanks and made leading a practical reality.
This "how to" course has inspired a new creativity in our leadership, steering their efforts towards the "desired end result", avoiding them from getting bogged down in non essential day to day tasks that never bring us closer to achieving our "God given goal".
This seminar was a most enjoyable experience filled with wisdom, humor and candor, as Smiley shared some most enlightening "hard learned" lessons of life.
I enthusiastically recommend his "Management by Measurement" seminar to all Pastors, leaders and members who would really like to see their vision actually come to pass.

Pastor Arlan Sapp - Restoration Church of the Highlands, Lake Placid/Sebring, FL
Rev. Smiley's ministry as an apostolic teacher and revivalist is greatly needed in our land and your church will be blessed to have him.  His ministry is anointed and full of the presence of God with strong Biblical teachings and Holy Ghost signs.  God has given him a wonderful ability to teach in the area of
finances that is non-offensive, but brings great blessing.  As a result our church has experienced a great increase in financial faithfulness among our members.
From a personal knowledge of Smiley I confidently recommend him to every Pastor and church who hunger for God.  Should you open your pulpit to him, you and your congregation will be mightily blessed as we have been.

Pastor Chuck Constant - High Praise Fellowship, Chalmette, LA
Brother Smiley, a special 'thank you' for your "Management by Measurement" leadership seminar conducted at our church.  It was outstanding, life changing and challenging.  This course opened the way for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, of how to fulfill the vision God has given us to reach our city.  It highlighted why we were stagnating as a church.  After years of good ministry, someone has finally equipped us with the most powerful and practical management tools, that has empowered us to resurrect and effectively fulfill the vision God originally gave us for this ministry.  This essential training has furnished me as a senior pastor with the skills to effectively manage and co-ordinate the saints to (i) pray in the harvest, (ii) evangelize the harvest, and (iii) shepherd the harvest.
As always, you truly have been a great blessing to our ministry.

Pastor Sam Stark - New Life Church, Bryanston, South Africa
Rev. Smiley has a solid Word based ministry with Signs and Wonders following.  We have seen people saved, delivered and changed whenever he has ministered.  He has the ability to stay on the cutting edge of what the Lord is saying and doing.  Whenever he has visited our ministry he has strongly supported our vision and me as the Senior Pastor.  I highly recommend his anointed ministry.

Pastor Tom Cabell - Christian Victory Fellowship, Tallahassee, FL
God has blessed Rev. Smiley with a renewal and refreshing anointing, but above that he has an apostolic anointing that has helped our church find its purpose and clarity of vision. 
Our church is being greatly blessed by implementing his profound teaching on foundation and structure, relating to Prayer, Evangelism and Shepherding.
He has conducted two series of revival meetings at our church, both times captivating our attention with the anointing and boldness of God, that none of us will forget.  It was a great blessing having Rev. Smiley and we eagerly look forward to his next visit.  Your church will also be mightily blessed as you seek the Lord to have Smiley stir your people up to find and fulfill their place in God.  This is a powerful ministry of divine destiny for the end time church.

Pastor Rod Aguillard - Gulf States Moderator, Reserve, LA
With joy I highly recommend the ministry of Rev. Smiley, an anointed apostolic teacher and revivalist from South Africa.  Recently, I had him in for a series of successful revival meetings.  The Reserve Church Body has been revived, refreshed and renewed.  It has been one of the most exciting weeks of my ministry.  We have been changed from glory to glory and can never be the same.
Also, Smiley met daily with the church leadership.  He shared powerful materials relating to 'church management', 'human relation skills' and 'the equipping of the laity'.  We certainly will be including these outstanding practical training materials into our church to further equip our members to do the work of the ministry.

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