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Pastors Joe and Maureen Jones are South African Pastor friends of mine who have always had a special love for the native blacks of Africa.  They are highly skilled trained Pastors who understand and know how to implement the principles of church planting and church growth in the African culture.  Answering the call of God to East Africa, they handed over their flourishing ministry in South Africa, sold everything and moved to Kenya on the East Coast of Africa in 1995.  Over the last few years they have planted and are overseeing 16 churches.
Unlike many others, they did not just make a missionary trip to East Africa, but have sacrificed everything to spread the gospel in these disease and poverty stricken countries.
Below are a few pictures of the some of the recent churches they have started.
To know how to intelligently pray for Joe and Maureen, send them a note, asking to be included on their Email list.
Should you desire to sow seed to help them fulfill this challenging ministry, PgDn for their banking details at the foot of this web-page.
God richly bless you for your participation in the gospel.
Rev. Smiley T. Papenfus

Pic - Wakisi, Uganda

Wakisi, Uganda

This recently planted rural church and has 35 members.  The church building is behind the members.  It is constructed of iron sheeting for a roof and mud and cow dung for walling.  The Ugandan's are a total blessing and I am expecting great things from the six Ugandan churches.

Pic - Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya

Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya

This is a slum in Nairobi with 300,000 people.  We have started two churches here.  The picture is of the main street which doubles as a urinal, sewer, walkway, play area, garbage tip, etc.  When it rains it is a mess and all sorts of unimaginable things float down it.  Praise God that I was born with only 50% sense of smell otherwise I think I would have thrown up (vomited) by now.  As long as I shut my eyes I am okay.  The church building is on the immediate left of the picture and has 30 members.  Cholera, typhoid, malaria, TB, etc, are rife in such areas and we must continually be in faith to withstand these diseases.  I have only caught ringworm (3 times).

Pic - Pastors Conference, Nairobi, Kenya

Pastors Conference, Nairobi, Kenya

We had 40 pastors from our churches attend our first conference.  It was at a Bible College where we were able to hire halls and dormitories.

Pic - Jinja, Uganda - The Nile Church

Jinja, Uganda - The Nile Church

This is our main base in Uganda.  There are about 100 people in this church.  The building is open except for a canvas roof.  We have an excellent pastor in Jinja with a strong developing leadership base.

Pic - Nyenga, Uganda

Nyenga, Uganda

This is a rural church with about 40 members.   The pastor is very young but he is learning quickly and has good support from the older folk.

Pic - Uvira, Congo-Zaire

Uvira, Congo-Zaire

Pastor Kamana was one of our first trainee pastors.  We sent him to Congo-Zaire to take charge of our work there.  We have 6 churches in Eastern Congo.  This one is at Uvira which is on Lake Tanganika.  Here they are baptising new converts with half an eye looking out for crocodiles.

Thank you for your sensitivity in obeying the Lord to sow a desperately needed seed into the awesome work these dedicated missionaries are doing.  Your seed will bring forth a harvest of many souls on the East Coast of Africa.
Not many are prepared to make the sacrifices Joe and Maureen are making for the gospel - but we can share in their labors by being sensitive to intercede and support them with our substance.
  Their banking details are as follows:-
  Bank:  Barclays Bank of Kenya
  Account Name: Gordon and Maureen Helen Jones
  Account Number: 7321059
  Branch:  Nairobi Foreign Exchange, CFC Department
  Bank Code: N/A
Barclays uses the SWIFT method of transfer.  There is no SWIFT number.  All transactions to Barclays in Kenya come into Nairobi Foreign Exchange (NAFEX), which is where our account is at.  The correspondent USA bank is Barclays, New York.
This account is in US dollars.  The exchange rate is approximately 70 Kenya shillings for $1,00.
Please also take note that our bank does NOT have an identifying branch number.  Don't be concerned about this - your support will get through to us.

Pic of the Jones family

We greatly appreciate your sowing into our ministry and pray for a bountiful harvest on your seed.
Please Email us after sending any funds, so we can be alerted to watch for its arrival and acknowledge once it does.
Thank you and God richly bless you, your family and church.
We covet your church including us in their regular intercessory prayer.
Your servants in Christ,
Pastors Joe and Maureen Jones
...and the boys...David & Christopher

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